Currency Conversion (US$ etc)
We are a United Kingdom based Company and all our prices and invoicing is done in UK Pounds (GBP)

To give clients an indication of the value of the goods in their own currency this website has a CURRENCY CONVERTER facility. With just a few clicks of your mouse you can see prices converted into your own currency.

To activate the converter just click your mouse pointer on the changing flags window on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. This will open up the Currency Converter screen. Click on the drop-down selector, select your currency (for example: US DOLLARS ) and click on it once. The screen will revert to the Lilychoo screen and thereafter when you are viewing a garment just move (do not click) your pointer on to the shopping trolley at the top right corner, a conversion of the price in your currency will be shown at the bottom centre of your screen.

The running total of your shopping basket which is always shown at the bottom right corner of your screen will show the amount in GBP(UK Pounds) and ALSO in your selected currency.

NOTE: The currency converter is updated daily but must be taken as only an approximate indication of value in your selected currency. Our invoicing (charge to your Credit Card) will be done in U.K. Pounds (GBP).